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Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are a sudden and intense wave of fear that build to a peak over about 10 minutes and then subside gradually the same day. They are frightening and tend to keep coming back if not addressed with therapy. Please remember ‐ a panic attack is an over-reaction of your body and mind. It's as if there's a tiger in the room but no-one can see the tiger, including you!

What Can I Do to Help Myself Straight Away?

I work with these states gently, looking to uncover all the triggers for the anxiety and teaching relaxation with hypnotherapy at first, then dealing with the underlying thoughts and beliefs when the symptoms have become more manageable.

I have lots of experience with panic attacks and will be able to empathise with you completely. Nobody's anxiety is exactly the same and it is important that your therapy is very specific to your problems and needs. Precision is the key to treating anxiety states and hypnotherapy is a great tool for encouraging new ways of thinking and feeling.